Here are 10 things you can do with your Traveler’s Notebook!

Are you a hoarder or a collector? Who cares! We can all agree on one thing: we LOVE traveler’s notebooks! I have come up with a list of things that you can do with your traveler’s notebook. If you have several TNs lying about, then I hope this list with help you to get those TNs busy. If you do not have that many TNs but would like to acquire some, then I hope this list will help you to plan and assign a job to your next TN in possession.

Here are 10 things you can do with your Traveler’s Notebook:

1. Planner. Ever since I moved my planner from Filofax to traveler’s notebook, my whole planning experience have changed. I used to use box standard inserts from Filofax and have never really thought about developing my own planning system. With a traveler’s notebook I have broaden my horizon and experimented with different layouts. I have found out that being in a traveler’s notebook makes me think creatively and come up with new ideas like the Lightning Dex. So now I have a fully functional planner system catered to my needs, and the best thing of all is, I created the inserts all by myself! If you want the inserts then click on the ‘Free Download’ header, where you will find all my printable inserts for free! Also, be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I make planner related videos every week.

2. Journal. I like to journal with words and I have always thought that was the case for most people until I found the traveler’s notebook community on YouTube and Instagram. I was speechless! I never thought journaling could be so much fun and carrying your journal in a TN is even better. When you journal in scrapbook format and use a lot of pictures and tip-ins, then the journal becomes very fat and heavy. The good news is that a traveler’s notebook inserts is only 40-60 pages long, so when the journal becomes heavy, you just have to swap the old insert for a new one. The journal inserts are very easy to archive because all the inserts are the same size, providing that you are using only one size for journaling.

3. Recipe Book. I feel like every family should have a recipe book with recipes that the family enjoys. I am in the process of making a recipe book. This is a fun project and what better way to do it than in a traveler’s notebook! I am thinking about categorising my recipes. For example, if I decide to keep 3 inserts in my recipe TN, then I will make one insert for everyday meals, one insert for Easter/Christmas/Holidays and another insert for baking goods. Categorising your inserts will help you find your recipes easily and it keeps all the recipes very organised!

4. College/University/Work Notebook. I love using a traveler’s notebook for my university notes. I love how I can customise my inserts for each subject. I love that I can make all the inserts myself at home so I never have to worry about running out of inserts while studying. Not to forget that the inserts are so easy to achieve in a neat stack. I will make a detailed YouTube video about my university traveler’s notebook and you guys can see how I use it exactly. I wish I knew about TNs at school, then I would have never skipped taking notes! I wrote an article Not taking enough notes and how to overcome it!‘ where I mention that finding a notebook that excites you is very important. Since traveler’s notebooks excites me, I decided to use it for my note taking. This way I actually use the notebook and take notes.

5. Wallet. Umm YES PLEASE! Love love love the rustic look of a traveler’s notebook when used as a wallet. It is unique and a great conversation starter at the cash till. I like to use a micro size traveler’s notebook for my wallet and I have found inserts (for cheap) that makes the TN function really well as a wallet. I made a whole YouTube video showing the setup. Here is the video:

6. Family Information. Dedicate one traveler’s notebook with all your family informations. This can include anything from phone numbers to health information to clothe and shoe sizes. Make this notebook as a reference guide and organise it in such a way that your family members can easily find the information.

7. Home Binder. This traveler’s notebook can hold projects related to your home, organising a part of your house, repair works needed in your house etc. You can cut out room layouts from magazines and plan to redecorate a room in your house. I think I will benefit from a home binder when Aaron and I are going to buy our own house.

8. Finance Book. Having a family finance notebook will benefit the family to be more aware of money coming in and out. Budgeting is so important if your family is trying to save money for a bigger goal like buying a house. Don’t make the financial traveler’s notebook boring. Make it colourful and interesting. Have an entire insert for goals and your bucket list. Having all your financial goal in a list will help you to stay in track with your savings. The finance traveler’s notebook can also house information about your bills and rent/mortgage due. It is good to have all the money related information all in one TN.

9. Pet Notebook. If you own a pet then you can use a whole traveler’s notebook dedicated to your pet! Keep all the vaccine information and receipts from the vets. Make a note of the medication your pet is taking currently or have taken in the past. You can also keep a log of your pet’s weight if that is important for your pet’s health. All in all, a pets notebook is a great idea and an excellent excuse to use another traveler’s notebook!

10. Collection Book. If you have a hobby of collecting things then a traveler’s book could come handy. Section inserts for each collection and list them. For example, if I had to make a collection traveler’s notebook I would have an insert for nail polish, perfume, traveler’s notebook, books, pens, acrylic paint, washi tape and mugs. Listing all your collection will help you realise how much you own and want to get rid of things. You can keep your list updated all the time by adding items or crossing out items that you have sold or given away.

So there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed this article and have found some inspiration. Make sure to share this articles with your friends if you think they will benefit from it.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! See you soon!

Pros of using a Pocket size Traveler’s Notebook!

If you guys have been following me for quite a while, then you must be aware of my unconditional love for Pocket size Traveler’s Notebook! I have been using this size for well over a year now. Most of you will know, being a planner addict comes with the impulse of changing and trying out different notebook sizes. So sticking to a planner size for a year speaks a lot. I initially started with A5 planner purely for the convenience of the paper size. A4 sheet of paper are easily available here in the UK and halving A4 paper makes A5 inserts without any sweat. After a while I became a bit adventurous and tried the Personal size. I preferred the smaller size, compared to A5, and I was willing to compromise for the odd insert size. Then, after a long while, I tried the Pocket size. Oh my god! I fell head over hills for this size and I have no intention of changing my planner system from the Pocket size any time soon!

I want to clarify that I have tried A5 and Personal size in a Filofax, but for Pocket size, I use a Traveler’s notebook. Why you ask? Have you seen the Pocket size insert from Filofax? With the rings involved, it takes away a lot of the writing space and, not to forget, the rings get in the way when you are trying to write. Once I ventured into a ringless planner, I never looked back. Due to the fact that there are no rings involved in a Traveler’s notebook, Pocket size is feasible for me. It has plenty of space for me to plan and more!

Today I want to list the pros of using a Pocket size Traveler’s Notebook:

  1. Size: The notebook size is small, compact and easy to carry. Pocket size TN will fit any handbag you own, without a struggle. So there are no excuses for you to NOT take your planner everywhere!
  2. Less paper: Pocket size inserts not only means using less paper, but it also weighs less. Hence a lighter notebook in general! I personally hate wasting paper. When I was using a Personal size planner, I used to have a lot of scrap paper after making an insert. With a Pocket size insert, I end up using the whole A4 sheet of paper with minimum scraps.
  3. Cheap: Have you noticed that Pocket size TNs cost a lot cheaper than larger sizes? This is because the producer uses small amount of leather/material to create a Pocket size TN. I make all my TN myself and I can definitely tell you that it is a lot cheaper to make a Pocket size TN, especially when you can find scrap or odd shape leather on eBay for cheap. Make sure to read this article if you are inspired to make your own Traveler’s Notebook.
  4. Less pressure to fill in the space: Small size insert means it is less daunting to fill in the space. So you don’t have to use stickers or washi tape to decorate. Also, you don’t have to write stuff just for the sake of the blank space on your paper. Which brings me to my next point…
  5. Prioritise: The amount of space you have to work with is precious. Therefore, you think twice before scribbling anything. The compact size encourage you to prioritise your task and develop a functional planning habit.
  6. Neat handwriting: This is very true for me. I find myself writing very neatly when I am writing on a Pocket size compared to A5. I have noticed that the smaller size insert brings out the neatest version of my handwriting and I cannot help admiring it!
  7. Storage: Pocket size inserts takes less place to achieve and store. Need I say more?

So there you go folks! If you are someone who is thinking about downsizing then I hope that I have opened your eyes about a small size planner and pros of using one. I hope this article will help you make a final decision.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog!

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