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Hey Guys,

YES, another free insert! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I have made an insert, that is a week on two pages, and I have included a version 2 as well. See which one tickles your fancy and download it!

Please check out my video for printing and cutting instruction: 

Download links:

Version 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4LV4YW6jhKYTlFhbVBUZ1dkdnM

Version 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4LV4YW6jhKYM3JlMXJORXdpWE0

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Seche Vite: Love and hate relationship RESOLVED!


I have always loved painting nails. I think I started painting my nails when I was about 8 years old. It is a personal hobby of mine and I enjoy doing it. We all know that painting nails can be fun and therapeutic but waiting for your nail polish to dry isn’t. So when I came across the famous top coat Seche Vite, the game totally changed. The top coat dries my nails within 60 seconds and completely dry (to do chores) within 5 mins. I can do my nails more often now without dreading the waiting time for my polish to dry. Also the top coat is super shiny, like a layer of glass is added to my nails. It makes my nails hard as well, which is a bonus because my nails are paper thin. All in all, I love my Seche Vite.

But the story does not end there. Seche Vite sounds like a unicorn found in a rainbow. However it has a few flaws.

Here is my list of why I hated Seche Vite:

  1. My nail polish chipped all the time! Worst case scenario, my whole nail polish would peel off like a peel off basecoat! I thought Seche VIte makes your manicure last about a week. That was not true for me.
  2. After applying the top coat, I was left with shrinkage. This can be very annoying when I painted all the nails to perfection and the top coat ruins it. Does not look professional either.
  3. After certain amount of application, my top coat used to get goopy and very thick to apply on my nails.

I know my hate list is not that long but those things still irritated me. I also did not want to give up on Seche Vite because a) I bought a huge professional kit bottle so I have to use it up, and b) a lot of people still raves about it. So what am I doing wrong?

Well, I am pleased to announce that I have resolved all of my problems with Seche Vite! I will share them with you right now! So buckle up!

NOTE: I bought all the products with my own money and no one have sponsored me to write this post. Just thought I should let you guys know :).

Problem 1: Nail polish chipping.

You guys are going to laugh at me once I tell you the story. So hear this. I used to blame my Seche Vite for chipping and peeling when the real culprit was my basecoat! For the longest time, I was using Avon Gold Strength. It claims to ‘Helps make nails feel stronger and helps to hide nail ridges, making nails look smoother. Paint the shimmering Gold Strength onto bare nails for a durable, sheer mani.’ It DID NOT make my nails feel stronger and it DID NOT give me a durable, sheer mani. It was quite the opposite. I was using this base coat because it made my nails look like they just had gel manicure done. It gave a very thick look to my manicure. I used to love painting my nails on top of it. It used to make me think that the added thickness should make my manicure last for a week. WRONG! This product did nothing for the strength of my nails. All the chipping made my nails weak and peel. Long story short, I didn’t grown my nails because they used to be weak and I used to cut them short all the time.


Solution: One day I walked into Poundland (a British store in the UK) and noticed that they have released a nail polish brand called Make Up Gallery.


At this point I wanted to try something different for my base coat and £1 would not hurt my bank. Also, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on strengthening nails and found several people adding chopped garlic into a clear nail polish and used that as a base or top coat. I wanted to try that so I grabbed the Make Up Gallery Well Polished Nail Hardener. I came home and added few pieces of chopped garlic (not finely chopped because I did not want it to interfere while I painted my nails). A miracle happened…

I do not know how the nail hardener performs on its own, but by adding the garlic to the polish and letting it set for a day before use, definitely made my nails hard and it is an excellent basecoat! My manicure now last for 7 days straight!


Make Up Gallery Well Polished Nail Hardener combined with Seche Vite are an excellent combo. Now my nails are hard. I hardly get any peeling and my nail polish DOES NOT CHIP. If you do not have a Poundland near you, then find any clear nail polish and add the garlic in. Let me know how it goes!

Problem 2: Shrinkage.

Solution: A lot of my problems started with the base coat. So once I changed my basecoat, the shrinkage became minimal as well. Mind you, the shrinkage did not completely go away but it is still minimal. So change your base coat! Also, make sure to load your brush with a tone of top coat and apply a generous amount to fully coat all your polish. You  need to create a seal and lock in all the layers of nail polish. Try to paint the top coat as close to the cuticles as you can, without painting the cuticles. Last tip is to make sure you keep your Seche Vite same as the original consistency. If it starts to get goopy and thick, then your manicure will shrink. I have a solution for fixing goopy top coat, so read on!

Problem 3: Goopy and very thick.

Solution: The obvious solution is buying a nail polish thinner. Any nail polish thinner would work. But I did something different. I know that I will use Seche Vite top coat every time I paint my nails and I know that I paint my nails A LOT. At this rate, I will run out of my 15ml bottle very soon. So I bought the professional kit. And let me tell you that it has solved my goopy issues. The refill bottle comes with 118ml of product and it cost me about £20 (I bought it two years ago). My professional kit bottle is not even half way done and I use it to refill my 15ml bottle all the time. Once my Seche Vite (15ml) bottle is about 1/3 finished, I top it up to full. I never ever ever let my 15ml bottle go down to half finished. This is because I do not want goopy top coat. So I top up my bottle and the original consistency of the top coat stays the same. No more goopy top coat! In the long run, you end up saving money using the professional kit and it saves you all the headache dealing with goopy thick polish.

Well that is all folks. I hope all this tips have helped you in some way or the other. Thank you so much for visitng my blog and I bid you farewell!

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